Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Detectorists’ Personal Sites

This list of "Detectorists’ Personal Sites" comes from the "Links" section of the UKDFD alongside their intelligence-insulting "Metal Detecting - The Hobby and its Detractors". The site seems to have been neglected and most of these links no longer work (and the "Widget" one seems to be infected with something - click at your own risk) 
So why is it that in 2005 it was fashionable for detectorists to make websites showing what they had found, and today it is no longer so attractive a proposition? Are these people ashamed of what they are doing?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why Another Metal Detecting Blog?

In recent months there has been an increased interest in discussing artefact hunting issues. The author of the Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues Blog which has become a bit of an informal focus for views dissenting from the official line in the UK has several times been asked whether he would accept guest posts from people who felt constrained to write something on the issues connected with metal detecting, but were busy in other walks of life and did not want the bother of running their own blog. While appreciating the value of the idea and the gesture of support, for several reasons I did not feel this was what I wanted to do. I therefore decided to set up a separate blog, for guest contributions. I have contacted those who wanted to write something on the PACHI blog with an invitation to add them to the list of contributors. So far Brian (who tells me he is an architect from Shrewsbury, UK) and Nigel Swift of Heritage Action (needs no introduction to readers of their excellent blog) have been the first to agree to take part in the experiment, I am hoping to hear from the others in due course. Anyone who wishes to participate and feels they are eligible (see the next post) is invited to contact the owner (Paul Barford) either by email or through the comments section here or the PACHI blog [in the latter eventuality, please indicate whether the comment is intended for publication or not].

There are many, many websites, forums, discussion lists to discuss artefact hunting and metal detecting. Most of them are run by metal detectorists for metal detectorists. That is not what this blog is for. The hope here is that the authors of this blog will look a little more deeply below the fa├žade that artefact hunting and collecting have created at the fundamental issues concerning its effect on the preservation of the archaeological record. Each poster is requested to put their name at the bottom of their post.

[by Paul Barford]